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The Mecca Mosque blast & the response

The Mecca Mosque blast in Hyderabad is highly regrettable and strict punishment should be meted out to the guilty. However, when I saw the reactions of rioting by thousands after the Mecca blast in Hyderabad, and also stone-pelting by mobs in Mumbai (kurla) and the way the way the media portrayed the incident (Star News for instance), it not only brought out the difference of a pre-dominant Muslim mindset compared to the Hindu mindset, but also brought out the glaring media bias and double standards in coverage.

For instance, after the Varanasi temple and MumbaDevi Blasts (in Mumbai), even after loss of lives, there was no rioting by the Hindu people, even though their worship places were targeted. And I can say pretty confidently that had there been rioting, then the media would have endlessly picked on the RSS and BJP leaders for fuelling sentiments, and politicizing the issue, while columnists would have criticized the mobs and questioned what gave them the right to target innocent people who have nothing to do with the incident. The columnists would also be telling us that Islam and the muslims have nothing to do with this, and how one must maintain peace and harmony.

Compare this with the present blast. There is every real possibility of this conflagaring into a major riot throughout India, and everyone knows the reason but dares not say it— it is because of the pre-dominant muslim mindset, which considers violence against innocent as a legitimate means of settling scores. We saw this happen after some miscreants demolished the Babri Masjid, and the muslim mob started killing innocent Hindus who had nothing to do with it in Mumbai, it happened after the municipality partly demolished a dargha in Vadodra for road widening and the muslim mob started rioting and hitting out at innocent Hindus, who had nothing to do with it, and in the process killing two Hindus, and it is happening presently.

In all these situations, the media’s bias is very loud and clear: Instead of criticizing muslim religious leaders for fuelling the riots, or for not doing anything to placate the sentiments of the people, just the way the media would have criticized the RSS and BJP leaders had the hindus resorted to rioting, the media is preoccupied with its favourite whipping boy, the police. Instead of blaming the agressors of violence and their supporters after the blasts ( however regrettable the blast is), Star News among other channels, has been just focusing on the execessive use of force by the police to quell the violence. Clearly a biased approach based on a double standard. What’s more, the media in this sensitive times, should have been more judicious and exercised discretion and not have been airing a one-sided view which could potentially provoke further the sentiments of an already inflamed and physically active section of the society.

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