The intrinsic approach to Objectivism

The ‘intrinsic’ approach to Objectivism is what makes many ‘Objectivists’ stiff, artificial, dogmatic and not themselves and in turn, I believe, this would be the main reason why they would find it difficult to mingle with people and make friends.

In The Art of Fiction/Non-Fiction, Ayn Rand says that ‘Objectivism’ as such is not an entity that exists in reality, (just as a tree or a rock etc) which one must look upto for guidance. In the sense, there is no ‘Truth’ out there that she has revealed to us which we have to follow. She emphasises that any philosophy just gives broad guidelines, but one must essentially live by one’s own judgement. (In essence, what Objectivism says is value ‘reason’… you have a mind capable of understanding reality, reality is an absolute. So use YOUR own mind to uphold this life and make the most of it…Objectivism nowhere says that you have to follow what Ayn Rand has said, unlike some Koran or the Bible)…And if one doesn’t use his own judgment and just takes AR’s words for it and tries to impose Objectivism on him or herself, the result is really disastrous.

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